Donation Bouquets


At Fleur Luxe Social Club, we create Donation Bouquets through partnerships that we have with local Flower Farm owners with the purpose to bring a warm smile to the faces of various communities in need located in various districts in San Francisco. We create our Donation Bouquets and Donation Arrangements to Local Hospitals, Senior Living Homes, Women’s Shelters, and Charitable Organizations whom we have established donor relationships with.

If you would like to become a flora donor to participate in our Donor Bouquet Program please email us at or Direct Message us directly. We have DIRECTLY support: (Past and Presently)
    100% College Prep
    The Respect Initiative: Village Pop-Up
    Simply The Basics
    Sistersvega Outreach, INC.
    Feline Finnesse Dance Company
    Catholic Charities of the East Bay
    Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Diversity and Inclusion Council


    Pop-Up Village November 2021


    Tenderloin Merchants Association Larkin Street Fair December 2021



    LetsEatSF February 2022