Where can we find you?

We use multiple platforms to sell our floral products. Currently, you can purchase our products either directly from our website, from Doordash and from GrubHub. If you order from our website and your orders delivery location is near  one of our digital storefronts we will utilize DoorDash. We have digital storefronts in the following areas; San Francisco, South San Francisco, San Jose, Menlo Park, and in Dallas, Georgia. If your order is outside of these areas, we will charge your for your delivery standard shipping rates as presented for you at checkout.  


My order was cancelled?! 

WE RARELY-RARELY CANCEL ORDERS! EVER! ITS VERY RARE! Why??? We rarely cancel orders and typically never do because,.. we understand the importance of your order. We know that you are trusting in us to make sure that you can celebrate an important moment of life. So, If you placed your order on either DoorDash or GrubHub, and it gets cancelled (it wasnt from us,) please reach out to the platform you order and place the order again. What we have experienced over the years is that Dashers will quickly cancel your order if they are not familiar with the pick-up area, or if they  ,...its just nuts. So, please don't blame us. Just place the order again. 


Why ??

Because typically the Delivery Drivers will cancel the order without even speaking to us. :( Please reach out to the platform where you placed your order to check the status of your order. Please do not call us especially on major floral holidays such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day because we are slammed with orders! ESPECIALLY ON THE FLORAL HOLIDAY ITSELF. On these particular days, we get slammed with orders. We typically receive anywhere from 200-350 orders the day of the floral holiday.


What does that mean?

That means for example, if you order on Valentine's Day,...your order may get cancelled due to nonfulfillment because we literally have over 100 other orders ahead of yours. And, typically Dashers/Drivers HATE WAITING so they will refuse to be patient for your luxury arrangement and will cancel without hesitation. Yes, it is just as frustrating for us as it is for you. :( So if this happens, do not leave hateful comments. Please show understanding, and just call the platform you ordered from and place the order again. 


Orders are processed, on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS! 

We accept orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We close only for restocking or due to personal holidays/vacations of staff or required time away from work such as breaks and lunches.  



Arn't you like Costco? Or Safeway? 

We do share the same sourcing pathways and business relationships as established with the mentioned nationwide retail chains, however the very moment your order comes it, it is created. Your order takes priority. We do not mass produce our bouquets. They are each handmade once they are ordered to ensure freshness of the product. 


"Ill just buy your basic arrangement on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day,"..

Ok cool, but just remember that Our regular 1804 Collection bouquets sell out on normal work-weeks. Our famous Valentine's Day Collection + Mother's Day Collections are handmade within 1-2 days before the large floral holiday. With the rest being made on the spot the day of, as soon as your order comes in. However, we typically COMPLETELY sell out OF EVERYTHING by mid-afternoon. It just depends. Each year we sell out by a different time. Regardless, we sell out before nightfall. So,..order it now! And, schedule the delivery date with either DoorDash or US directly. 

Again, please place your orders ASAP. And, try to not wait till the day of Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. 



Who delivers my order if I place it on your website, and NOT Doordash or GrubHub?

Doordash Drivers will delivery your order if your order on our website. We have a special relationship with Doordash. So don't worry about it, we got it covered. If your order from our website, we begin to work on your order immediately and will reach out to you via email to confirm your order. 


"I'm a Dasher here to pick-up an order for Fleur Luxe Social Club?" 

Dashers! Please-Please-Please follow the pick-up instructions. Do not attempt to enter the building. As we contract with each space. We do not OWN EACH OFFICE BUILDING that you are given. The front desk staff at each location is NOT our staff. They WILL NOT be able to answer any of your questions. You need to wait in your car. And, we will bring you and hand you the order directly. If you cannot wait, then UNASSIGN YOURSELF FROM THE ORDER! If you cancel the order, we will do everything in our power to block you from ever making money from us and our customers again. We block Dashers monthly due to this poor decision making process we have witness time and time again. DO NOT EVER MAKE THE DECISION FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. OR US. DELIVERY DASHERS ASSIGNED TO OUR ORDERS DO NOT HAVE ANY PERMISSION AT ALL WHAT SO EVER TO CANCEL OUR ORDERS. WE ALSO MONITOR ALL ORDERS. AND WE CONDUCT EXTENSIVE FOLLOW UP. LONG STORY SHORT, WE CAN TRACK YOU DOWN, AND WE WILL BLOCK YOU FROM EVER BEING ASSIGNED TO US AGAIN. Which means, you wont even make money from us again. Please, respect the customer. We demand it. If you cant wait, UNASSIGN YOURSELF! Don't just cancel someone's flower order. We specialize in quick, luxurious, and decadent flower arrangements. Especially for our $100.00+ orders. We REALLY track your name down and block you ESPECIALLY  if you are NASTY with us or RUDE to US EVER,...and especially on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. If you try to argue with us on either of these holidays, we will ask you to leave. If you want to still argue, we call SFPD. No games. We specialize in LUXURY FLORAL ARRANGMENTS. Therefore, your demeanor has to match that same energy. Understand? Understood. 


"Wow, that Dasher was so Rude!!!"

If you experience any rude behavior or behavior that makes you uncomfortable from a Dasher during the hand-off exchange please CONTACT DOORDASH AND MAKE A COMPLAINT ASAP! Dashers make money from each order they hand to you. We can BLOCK Dashers from receiving orders from us in the future. So, help us help our customers and notify Doordash or GrubHub immediately Or even us and let us know what happened. Some Dashers will grudge-wait. So they will accept the order because the pay out is nice, but they act terrible towards us and you unfortunately. Don't reward bad behavior please. Report them immediately, and notify us immediately, so we can notify Doordash and get the blocked from ever accepting an order from us. Energy is EVERYTHING. <3