Are preserved flowers toxic?

Preserved Flowers are made from natural fresh flowers! Non-toxic, cosmetic grade chemicals are used in the preservation process of flower to maintain its natural beauty, texture and soft natural touch. Preserved Flowers do not wilt like fresh flowers and they usually last up to a year or more!


What is the difference between dried and preserved flowers?

Dried flowers are fresh flowers that have had the moisture removed through a natural dehydration process (such as hanging them upside down). Preserved flowers have had the moisture in the flowers and foliage replaced with glycerine.


Are dried flowers dead?

Preservation makes it possible to have all kinds of highly ornamental interior decoration. Your arrangement is a natural plant, which has undergone a preservation process. This process allows you to maintain their beauty without withering and without needing maintenance.

How long does a preserved rose last?

One to three years.

Placed in a vase or on a shelf, you can expect your preserved luxury roses to last one to three years. If you decide to store your flowers in a sealed enclosure, they'll last even longer — up to 3 years!

Are preserved flowers real?

Are they REAL Flowers? Yes! Preserved Flowers ARE indeed 100% natural flowers! ... This technology allows the flora to maintain its natural beauty, texture and soft natural touch.

How to preserve our preserved fresh flowers?

  1. The best humidity is 40%~70%, and temperature is 4℃~30℃ . Away from wet and sunlight, better keep in the sealed box. If weather is moist, please do not expose the flowers to the air for a long time. Keep in the vents. Do not touch the flowers much by hands.4.If with the dust or get wet, can use the air dryer to dry the flowers with light cold wind and remove the dust.