RoseBox Aftercare Instructions



  AFTERCARE TIPS ______________                                                                                                                              

This information is pertaining to our preserved roses that we sell inside of our reusable Fleur Luxe Social Club paper containers. With minimal care you can enjoy your preserved flowers for many months or even years. This is one of the main advantages of these indoor arrangements, which do not need water, fertilizer or sunlight    DO NOT WATER.
For best results, preserved roses should be kept at low humidity and slightly below room temperature. Excessive humidity can reduce lifespan of your preserved flowers.
Exposure to water should be completely avoided as it will damage the petals and stems of preserved roses!

    They do not need water. Sprinkling water or perfume can cause damage.
    Should not be kept in high moisture area or very dry place.
    Avoid contact with direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or fading.
    Blow with hair dryer from a moderate distance when dusty.
    The best humidity is 40% ~ 70%, and temperature is 4℃ ~ 30℃ .
    Away from wet and sunlight, better keep in the sealed box. If weather is moist, please do not expose the flowers to the air for a long time.
    Keep in the vents. Do not touch the flowers much by hands.
    If your preserved roses/flowers acquire dust or get wet, you can use the air dryer to dry the flowers with light cold wind to remove the dust.
    Keep preserved roses indoors.
    Keep preserved roses in a cool, dry place.
    Do not expose preserved roses directly to sunlight.
    Avoid any contact of preserved roses with water.
    Avoid crushing, pressing or folding petals.
    Use a dry, cool air stream for cleaning.