Our Story

We were born out of a desire to bring fresh cut flowers to under-served communities. Our mission is to introduce different types of floor to different household and to enhance one’s experience.
Throughout history flowers have been viewed as a universal gift. They have been used for holistic healing practices, celebrations, memorials, as well as a sign of power, and passion. And, at Fleur Luxe Social Club we provide our customers access to our hand-crafted preserved rose arrangements, beautiful live flower arrangements, and our newly added collections that offer hard to find unique luxurious or trending retail items.  
We offer three different services tied to live at fresh cut flowers in particular as well. We offer a pop-up DIY booths all over the Bay Area.  We also offer live fresh-cut and preserved flower arrangements. We acquire our flora from commercial scale minority owned OR family owned flower farms from the Bay Area/ Northern California region.
Specifically Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, and the San Francisco Flower Market.
1) We offer a DIY flower booth/bar experience where customers hand select the specific flowers that they want to include in their bouquet. We then wrap the flowers in a nice bouquet. Our bouquets rang in price and size. We also we offer handmade flower arrangements from our Flower Artisans starting at $65 and up!
2) Preserved Rose Boxes: We create preserved rose boxes that last anywhere between 2-5 years depending on your level of care. These are great for aesthetics and to create a vibe or mood. Perfect for AirBnB's, meeting spaces, and private residences. We can create any shape, or image, just give us the time and budget and we will work to create your vision.
3) Custom orders: We take custom orders for corporations, private events, or charities.


We have partnerships with DoorDash and GrubHub.
Born in San Francisco, California our goal is to provide a memorable experience for our customers from beginning to end. We also have a strong belief in PHILANTHROPY and love creating beautiful arrangements for charities within San Francisco as well.  We are PASSIONATE about supporting and working with charities. <3
Feel free to reach out for any GALA SUPPORT, MINI DONATION BOUQUET REQUESTS or LARGE- SCALE DONATION inquiries via sending us an email.
In closing, from creating our logo, to trademarking, and manufacturing, to transportation and from the bill of lading, to customs clearance. We made every move with positive intention and loving purpose.
Many blessings to your and your family. And, thanks for joining the club.




Who We Are

At Fleur Luxe Social Club we specialize
in bringing luxury to those who want it. We source long lasting fresh cut flora
from local flower farms all over the Bay Area, Santa Cruz region, and even down
to Los Angeles. We cater to various levels of clientele. We accept special
order requests. Don't be shy to share your concept, and we will bring it to
life. Ready made arrangements are available on Doordash. Please expect your order within 1 hour minimum. The more elaborate the arrangement, please allow us more time to make is PERFECT for you.We also work closely
with undeserved communities in the San Francisco area by way of hosting
educational & engaging workshops, donating flowers to various charities,
and attending community events by way of our famous pop-up shops.Lastly, we offer two types of arrangements; fresh-cut flora and preserved roses. Our preserved roses are the same quality as the our TOP competitor. Perfect for home, office, or gift.Our preserved rose box arrangements last
anywhere from 2-3 year depending on care.